Alamo Biologics Tissue Bank

Enhancing Lives

through the gift
of tissue donation.


Alamo Biologics Tissue Bank

Enhancing Lives

Through the Gift of Tissue Donation


We strive for excellence in saving lives, restoring health, and giving hope all while honoring the gift of donation.

Full Service Tissue Bank

Alamo Biologics is a full-service tissue bank offering high quality allografts and biologics. Premier services include research and development, contract manufacturing, and storage facilities. We distribute to dental clinics, hospitals, surgical clinics, and other tissue banks.

Our allograft tissue catalog includes:

We pioneered the methodology involving Supercritical CO2 for cleaning and sterilization of allograft tissues and other biologics. We are proud of our success as an innovation leader in developing advanced processes to provide the highest quality allograft solutions available.

Our partnerships in the United States allow us to develop and supply you with those potentially hard-to-find specialty grafts, as well as producing turnkey solutions and products for our customers desiring custom designed products to their exact specifications. Alamo Biologics follows stringent guidelines to preserve allografts for their intended function and strive every day to pioneer better and safer ways to process allograft tissue with Precision Allograft’s proprietary PASCO2® methodology.


Alamo Biologics is honored and humbled to be part of the Gift of Life. We are dedicated to serving the donor and their family’s wishes to provide healing to those in need of life enhancing tissue donations. We go to great lengths in the screening, recovery, processing, storage, and distribution of donor tissue to maintain the utmost respect for donors and maximize the benefit for allograft tissue recipients.

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Reconstructive Tissue

Sports Medicine Grafts

Alamo Biologics offers a wide selection of reconstructive and connective tissue allografts for sports medicine procedures. Our expansive network allows us to provide specialty grafts for a vast range of orthopedic procedures.

Grafts for General Procedures

Alamo offers a full range  of tissue allograft selections for use in a variety of spinal, trauma, dental, and reconstructive procedures. Please contact us for a full comprehensive list.

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Specialty Grafts


AmnioBioGraft is a patch-like tissue derived from the amniotic membrane of the placenta. This membrane is the innermost layer of the placenta consisting of a basement membrane and an avascular stromal matrix. 


Specialty Grafts

Alamo Biologics is proud to offer our PASCO2® demineralized bone matrix (DBM) putty and crush mix bone void filler for your specialty needs.
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